What stores accept Venmo for payments?

Have you created recently created a Venmo account but have questions regarding using this application for making purchases and completing transactions? If you have any such queries related to using Venmo for making payments at stores and you want to know what stores accept Venmo, then you should continue to read this post till the end. Once you are done with setting up your Venmo account, you can use it to pay your bills at a restaurant, split the payment among yourselves, or make purchases at a store.

What stores accept Venmo

However, most users have doubts about what stores accept Venmo as a payment method. Thus, to answer this query of the users, I have compiled a list of stores and online merchants that accept Venmo for receiving payments from users. According to its official website, there are several apps including shopping, food delivery, ride app, and more that accept Venmo as their payment option.

What apps accept Venmo?

Since Venmo is owned and operated by PayPal, therefore the similar apps or stores that accept PayPal as their payment option also use Venmo for the same. Venmo is one such application that is gaining huge popularity among users who carry out online transactions on a daily basis whether it is paying $1 or more than that. Apart from this, Venmo also works as a social media app as it offers several such functions such as adding friends, creating a profile, and share your online activities with them so that splitting bills becomes easier. To know more about what apps accept Venmo, you can check out the list that is given in the section to follow.

If you want to use Venmo as the payment option, then you need to install the Venmo app on your smartphone. After installing the app, you need to enable the payment option on your device. Apart from this, you can also use the Venmo card to make purchases and get the balance deducted from your Venmo account.

Here is the Venmo merchant list

Although Venmo is still in a hunt for supporting more and more apps and merchants, therefore you can wait for more apps to get added to this list. Check out this list to find out more about which stores, ride partners, and food delivery partners accept Venmo.

  • Lululemon Athletica
  • Poshmark
  • Foot Locker
  • Jane
  • Abercrombie & Fitch
  • Boxed
  • com
  • Seamless and Eat24
  • Uber Eats
  • Uber
  • Gametime
  • Dolly

Now that you know what stores accept Venmo, you can visit these stores or merchants or navigate to their online portal for making payments through Venmo. However, there are some renowned stores that do not accept payment through Venmo. For this, check out the section that follows.

Merchants or stores that don’t accept Venmo

The famous stores and online merchants where you cannot use Venmo as the payment option include Aeropostale, Amazon, Best Buy, BringMeThat, Buckle, H & M, Eastbay, Forever 21, Gilt, and more.


After going through the list of what stores accept Venmo, you will be able to decide and know about the places where Venmo won’t work. This would help you decide and let you consider other payment options at such places where Venmo isn’t accepted. In case your preferred store does not accept payments from Venmo but accepts payments through MasterCard, then you should apply for Venmo Visa MasterCard or call Venmo customer service.

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